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Swimming Pool Hire Made Easy

At Hydro Hot Tubs we have an ever expanding selection of steel framed pools to choose from. We are always striving to ensure we offer the best, safest and newest swimming pools on the market today.

We guarantee that each of our pools will go through a rigorous cleaning process using industry-approved cleaners before reaching your home.

Our delivery teams have all completed the BISHTA Hot Tub & Swim Spa Water Hygiene Management Training Course.
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Your Swimming Pool Booking

Thing's to remember before making your booking

Level Surface

We will need a level surface to place your swimming pool large enough to accommodate the swimming pool


We deliver and set up the swimming pool for you leaving it filling with you. Clear access will be required.


We will require a hose and access to cold water in order to fill your swimming pool.

Power Supply

We will require a normal 13amp power supply to plug the swimming pool into, within 15 meters of the swimming pool. Power needs to be on 24 hours a day.


With heating swimming pools can take a number of days to heat to temperature, this varies on the model and environmental conditions.

Using The Swimming Pool

Don't worry if you have never had a swimming pool before, we will demonstrate all the instructions needed.


You don't have to worry about emptying the swimming pool, we will do that for you.


If you have an issue or believe you will not be home to receive the delivery of your swimming pool, our team will be on hand to help, fix, and advise.

Before making your booking check our delivery area 

Please select the drop off date for your swimming pool below leaving enough time for the hot tub to heat up. 

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