Our Enviromental, Social & Governance Commitments

What are we doing

Esg Goals

At Hydro Hot Tubs, we aim to be resourceful, efficient and revolutionary in our approach to de-carbonisation in the spa and leisure industry. Through our innovative policies, research and development, we strive to guide Hydro Hot Tubs towards a socially just & environmentally friendly horizon. Below are just some of the ways we pursue our ESG goals
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Online Presence

We host our website solely through a leading B-Corp certified hosting provider, Krystal. One of the only companies in the UK to power their data centres solely through renewable energy via a mix of solar, tidal and wind power. Additionally, Krystal provides support to several global afforestation providers such as Ecologi and Veritree in aid of achieving their 2050 NetZero target.
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Our Products

Through testing and scientifically backed research, we are introducing a new range of foam sided ‘eco’ hot tubs. These hot tubs increase the efficiency of our products through decreasing the loss of heat energy normally experienced in inflatable products, decreasing your energy costs and reducing demand from the fossil fuel dependent national grid. Our swimming pools have also experienced an eco-friendly upgrade, we use only heat pumps and solar panels to heat our pools minimising your electricity demand and your carbon footprint.
Our Eco Hot Tubs
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Our vehicles are regularly serviced using high quality oils to ensure they minimise emissions, as much as possible, when delivering your pool, hot tub, heat pump or providing one of our other service products. As part of this change we have also invested in eco-friendly brakes for our vehicles, which reduce the matter, which is commonly emitted via break dust, decreasing our contribution to Pm10 pollutants from metalloids and chemicals emissions.


When revising our ESG goals, we also took into consideration our premises. Recently, we installed LED lights affixed to a sensor network to reduce energy wastage from light emissions, and to reduce our site maintenance wastage through the increased longevity of LEDS over fluorescent lights.
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Our website is hosted on 100% Green Website Hosting