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Frequently Asked Questions


Do l need to be home to take delivery?

Someone over the age of 18 will need to be home to take delivery and sign the hire agreement.

What type of power supply do l need

All of our hot tubs and swimming pools require a 13amp mains power supply.

Do l get a time slot for delivery& Collection

We do not provide timeslots for delivery or collection. However we will notify you when we are on our way and provide you with gps tracking link. Our delivery and collection times are between 9am - 7pm

What do you need me to do?

If you could make sure our delivery team have clear access to your desired placement as well as access to a hose,water supply and a mains power supply. 

Do you supply everything we need for the hire.

We will bring everything with us that you will need for your hire period and show you how to use everything.

How do l pay for my hire

A deposit is required in order to reserve a pool or hot tub for hire. (£50 - Hot Tub, £100 - Pool), which is deducted from your overall hire fee. The remainder of the hire fee is to be paid upon delivery or you can pay in advance.

Hot Tubs

How wide does my access need to be

All of our hot tub are either sectional or soft tubs which means as long as a person can get through freely then we can get a hot tub through.

Do you supply the chemicals we need for the hot tub

We bring everything you need for the hire period. We only use high quality water treatments and we will prepare the hot tub for your use. We may also leave you with a sachet of water treatment to administer yourself if the hire is more than four days.

Can we turn the hot tub off when we are finished with it

Hot tubs are designed to be in constant use. You are however able to turn the heater off but please leave the filter running.

Where can we put the hot tub

Our hot tubs can be placed on any level surface. We will also place the hot tub on matting to protect the bottom and help with heat retention.

Will the delivery crew wait for the hot tub to be filled

Once the hot tub has been set up the hot tub will be treated with chemicals and left to fill with yourself. Once the hot tub is full you will need to turn it on.

Do we supply gazeebos

Due to insurance restrictions we are currently unable to supply gazeebos.

Swimming Pool

What size area will i need for the swimming pool

You will need to allow for at least 2ft around the edge of the pool for access and placing the filter equipment.

How wide will my access need to be

As the liners for the pools are very large, we will require a minimum width of  one meter.

what do you need me to do

Please make sure the area where the pool will be placed is free from debris. The delivery team will also check the area before placing the pool.

Does the pool come with a heater

Our pools come with a solar panel heater which use the sun to heat the water as it passes through. You can upgrade to an electric heater which will need a 13amp power supply as close as possible to the pool.

Where can we place the pool

The area for the pool will need to be flat and level and as close a possible to the 13amp power supply.

Do you supply the chemicals we need for the pool

Our delivery team will provide everything you need for the pool whilst it is with you .
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