wave heater pump

Wave And Avenli Heater Pumps

This help guide will show you the correct operation of the filter / heater unit and cover any common error codes to get you back up and running.

Once powered-up, the LED displays the current water temperature automatically.
  • The temperature unit’s selector changes the temperature units from Celsius
    degrees to Fahrenheit degrees.
  • Press the temperature adjustment buttons, then the screen will flash. When it is
    flashing, you can set the desired temperature. The value will increase or decrease
    1 degree at once. The temperature could be set between 30°C to 42°C (86°F to
  • To lock or unlock the control panel, press the Lock button and hold 3 seconds.
    Lock the control panel when you are away to prevent other people come to
    change your settings.
  • Press the Bubble button to activate the bubble and massage system, the
    green indicator light turns on. It can be turned off by pressing it again allowing approx ten minutes between each session.
  • The bubble system will stop automatically after 30 minutes of operation. Re-activate the bubble function by pressing the bubble button again.
    When the filter button is on, pressing bubble button will alter the filter mode into bubble mode: The filter indicator light will turn off and the bubble indicator light will turn on. If the bubble button is pressed again, the bubble mode will be changed back to the filter mode.
  • Press the filter button to activate the water filtration. The green indicator light will
    turn on when the filtration system is activated.
  • Press the heating button to activate water heating and filtering system at the
    same time. The green indicator light of filter and red indicator light of heating will
    turn on at same time
    The pump does not stop heating until the current water temperature reaches the
    set temperature; and the heating system will restart after the current water
    temperature drops 2°C below the set temperature automatically.
    Maximum heating temperature: 42°C (108°F).

After 150 cumulative hours of filtration operations, an audible alarm will sound and the LCD display will show the characters CHG, followed by FIL, to remind you to change or clean the filter.  We supply you with a new filter so this is not relevant. You can hold the filtering button 5 seconds to turn off the buzzing. The filtering system will turn off, you can press the button to activate the filtering system again.
Please Note:
- With the heating system starting, the filtration system will start working together.
- After turning off the heating system, the filtration system will still work.
- If the bubble function is active, the filtration and heating functions cannot be activated.

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