Here we have some frequently asked questions that people ask us prior to hiring and during their hire. We endevour to answer the phone at all times but on occasion we cannot answer, due to other work commitments and being out of hours. Our phones are manned between 9am and 7pm.


We recommend an area of at least 9 x 9 feet, however they will fit in a smaller area if needed, Please call us on 01342776535 for advice.
Yes our fully trained staff will set the hot tub up and give you a demonstration of how to use the hot tub. We bring all hoses and attachments to fill the hot tub from your household tap.
This all depends on when you want to use it during your hire. We will always recommend filling with hot water as this way you can use the hot tub immediately. If you fill it with cold water the amount of time it takes to heat up is all dependent on the weather, electrical supply to the hot tub, elevation and alkalinity of the water in your area. We will try to advise you the best we can with regards to heating times when we deliver the hot tub.
You can book by calling us on 01342776535 or liking us on Facebook and sending us a message. We often put our cancellations at a reduced rate and hold free hire competitions on Facebook so it may be worth giving us a like anyway
Payment is to made to the driver upon delivery the driver caries a card machine and can accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not accept cheques, acceptable methods of payment are cash and bank transfer, please note if you elect to pay by bank transfer we will need to have cleared funds in our account before we leave your address. We recommend payment by bank transfer is made the night before we deliver to prevent any delays or embarrassment.
If you need to cancel your booking for any reason we require a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to delivery. You must call us on 01342776535
Follow the instruction guide our driver gives you and make sure you listen carefully to all instructions given when the hot tub is being set up. E04 means the water is too hot just add some cold water or allow to cool, reset the RCD and the thermostat on the heater E02 means there is a blockage, please clean the filters and make sure nothing is obstructing the inlet and outlet valves E03 means the water is too cold, please add some hot water If all of this fails, call us on 01342776535 and we will come out as soon as possible.
We sometimes have people call us to say a hot tub has lost some of it’s temperature. This can happen if the bubbles are used for a prolonged period of time or People are jumping around/ entering and exiting the hot tub. To get the tub back to it’s normal operating temperature of 30 – 40 degrees, the lid will have to be put back on with the heater set to full temperature, the hot tub heats up between 1 and 1.5 degrees an hour. To speed the process up simply pop some hot water in using the hose we have provided.
Please send any images to clearly stating your name and date you hired, or like us on Facebook and tag us or inbox them. Please note any image uploaded may be used in advertising on our website or facebook page.
Hot tub’s can get dirty very quickly. You MUST shower or bath before and after using a hot tub just like you would do at the swimming bath’s or spa hotel. This not only stops bacteria being introduced to the water in the first place but also stops any ill effects of the chemicals we use to sanitize the water. No Cosmetics are allowed, please remove all make-up, fake tan, hairspray and deodorants, this will keep your water at optimum quality. Clean your filters as often as possible this will keep the water clean. Have a foot bath for when people enter the hot tub. Keep an eye on children bringing anything into the hot tub and urinating. Do not drink, smoke or eat whilst in the hot tub. If you follow these simple guidelines, then the water quality will remain good for the period of your hire. We will not accept any responsibility for any ill effects caused by dirty water as ultimately this is the hirer’s responsibility.
We will call you the day before delivery to arrange a time with you, and also when we are about 20 minutes from your property. we will try to stick to the time given however incidents can occur and sometimes these are beyond our control, our delivery time is normally between 9am and 8pm. This also applies to picking the hot tub up. PLEASE NOTE IF WE CANNOT MAKE CONTACT WITH YOU IN THE DAYS LEADING UP TO YOUR HIRE WE WILL CONSIDER YOUR BOOKING AS CANCELLED AND OFFER THIS TO SOMEBODY ELSE
Yes we hold full public liability insurance to the value of £1,000,000. Our insurance certificate can be seen on request just ask our driver when they deliver your hot tub. Please note our insurance does not cover you or your property if you fail to adhere to all instructions given by our driver and laid out in your user guide. The hirer is responsible for all persons using the hot tub.
We will retain your deposit regardless of the level of damage, once it has been checked back at our premises we will refund accordingly if the damage can be repaired at a lower cost. If the hot tub is damaged beyond repair we will charge you the full market value for the hot tub at the price they are at that particular time of year. If payment cannot be made before we leave your property we will invoice you for the the full cost of the hot tub and any additional costs we have incurred i.e. lost hires. The hot tubs we use are sturdy and cannot be damaged beyond repair by accident.
Yes our equipment is tested annually, they are also deep cleaned after every use and our filters are never used twice.
We test all hot tub’s coming back in from hire as part of the cleaning process however very rarely things can go wrong. If a fault develops we will supply you with a fully working replacement heater unit within 24 hours, so you can start to enjoy the hot tub again. Refunds will only be given if when we get the hot tub back to our premises it is found to be faulty, however if the hot tub shows signs of use we will not refund the hire cost. Unfortunately we have had occasions where customers have been given a refund but it comes to light they have used the hot tub all weekend, therefore we take a very strict stance on refund’s, and they will only be given if our equipment has genuinely failed. Nearly all instances of breakdown’s we have had in the past 2 years has been down to user error, please follow all instructions carefully.